Monday, August 21, 2006

I Buddha Bow To The Genius

If you have any interest, ANY interest at all in Rockstar:Suave Porn, you must, MUST visit this website. It is absolute GENIUS {& coming from Wilma, the super-genius, high praise indeed}.

This is what I was hoping to do with mine, & then got distracted by other things. But my interest has been renewed!

Holiday Required

Found this photo over on Dave's website ~ poor Petite Prince of Darkness needs some time off from hectic schedule/personal issues/tabloid's/2 days a week with T.Lee

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Elimination Episode 7

BawkBawk refers to SuavePorn as musical masterminds?!? Hardly.
Bilgy ~ nice jeans, my friend. Snug in ALL the right places.

Recap: Oh, poor Storm. Everyone’s picking on her. Suck it up, Princess. She didn’t get anywhere near the negativity that Jill endured every week she was on the show.

An Announcement by Bilgy: SP is going to get up off their asses & play each elimination episode. An original SP song with one of the rawkers taking lead vocals so they can assess the “chemistry” with each of them.
After saying no less than 6 times that no decision has been made, no one is ahead of anyone else, and more blah, blah, BLAH which they re-iterated so many times that you just KNOW they mean the opposite, SP announced that Dilana would be singing with them.

Dilana sings “Leave the Lights On” {this is what I’m calling it anyway) with SP. I think she stole Patrice’s hair from last week, or at least the rat that creates this nest. Oh wow, 4 sleazy backup dancers are joining her on stage, dressed very similar to her. Yes, I’m sure that no-one knew Dilana would be chosen, a sooper-seekrit to all. Ha!

Did T.Lee just say the dancers “are dope” or “are on dope”?
BawkBawk announces that Sept. 13 is the finale with 4 finalists. That ends THAT discussion. And ensures there will be no more double elims.

Encore: Ryan ~ again in his Unabomber clothing line. The string quartet is back, but shunted to the side. Puffy Kracker, who is abstaining from the crack that is Rockstar, said from the computer room “That was OK”. High praise indeed, boys & girls.

Bottom3: Zayra, Patrice & Magni. Only 1 right again. Man, didn’t see Magni coming at all!

Zayra ~ Razorblade by Blue October. When I first saw her outfit, I thought “Flasher”. Nice trench coat & thigh-high boots, and then… an ass-flash. So I was right. Seriously, don’t know the song, but WTF was that?
Patrice ~ Celebrity Skin by Hole. And she leaves the stage and rounds the corner & up and over he rawkers pod, and she’s down into the audience and coming around the home stretch and OMG she’s up in the couch area & singing right in their faces. Whew! That was quite the horse race. She is so bland now! What happened? She’s lost her spark. And again with the flippin’ Buddha Bow. Meh.
Magni ~ Creep by Radiohead. He starts out the song wearing an Aunt Agnes hat. Not nice. Not his best … Ooops! Spoke too soon, he just hit the “Run, Run” and it was awesome.

My guess during the commercial break is Zayra will finally be put out of her misery {and ours}& released from the gilded cage.

Bilgy does his usual run-through all the Bottom3, saying to Magni “You’re not going anywhere, sit your ass down”.
You know, if I may digress for a moment, there’s only one word that aptly describes SP and that is “Class”. You heard me, this is one class act.

So the Hatchetman tells Patrice “We believe you have potential for SP” so Zayra, “Unfortunately, you have to go”. The nicest axing yet.
Zayra babbles something about all they’ve learned and yadda, yadda, Jason collapses in a sobbing heap on the couch (tantrum, really, very sad at his age) and it’s all over for another week.

Now, if we just lose Patrice & Toby, then we’ll be down to the nitty gritty.

Performance Episode 7: Recaps & Reactions

In the spirit of the “stripped down show”, Dave & T.Lee remove their shirts, displaying their marvelous ink in all their skinny, white-boy glory.
Recap of the infamous trip to Vegas via the private jet. SP takes the rawkers to “The Joint” at the Hard Rock Café where they all examine the stage & dream of what might be…….

Sighs all around.

Then it’s off to a Penthouse Suite on the Strip to party with various entourage/sleazy girls/bums picked up off the street. Flash to the gilded cage the next day, all are sleeping it off. When did the poor souls get time to rehearse?
Song Selection: Dilana & Toby are in contention for the playdate with Bilgy. Dilana tells Toby he can have the song if he runs around the pool naked. So he does. You know, it’s really nice that they have time to throw in a game of truth or dare now & then. Makes the time go faster.
Zayra & Ryan are vying for the Original Song, and Zayra prevails.

Back in the studio, Dave & T.Lee are forced to dress by censors. Ha! Dave gives all the rawkers shite over not fighting harder for the Original Song & playdate with Bilgy. Magni’s response to this was “It’s editing, man! You didn’t get to see the 2 hour debate that resulting in the song selections”. Of course, this comment was edited out of the show. And that, boys & girls, is the epitome of ironical.
And onto the reason we’re all sitting through the drivel…. The performances.

Zayra “Lluvia del Mar” ~ Zayra Alvarez
This zany, crazy, outer space woman has an amazingly beautiful voice! This song really showcases what she can do when she’s intimately familiar with the music. And the string quartet playing with the House Band is a nice touch.But what is with that horrid, billowing red, floor-length skirt? She looks like a giant bell. Maybe if she had paired it with something other than a black bra? Just a thought. Jason {shocker} & the rawkers give her a standing O & for once I agree.

Magni “Starman” ~ David Bowie
Nice white suit, unspoken nod to the Thin White Duke. Good vocals, but not much is going on up there onstage. He’s just kinda sauntering around. Eeeewwwww! Veins are sticking up on his head & face. NOT nice.
Bilgy pronounces it a solid performance and compels the audience to “give it up” for Magni again.

Patrice “Message in a Bottle” ~ The Police
Is that a walrus skin wrapped haphazardly around her waist? This performance was very Meh to me. Oh, & nice suck-up move trying to encourage the audience to sing along to the chorus RIGHT AFTER they told Magni that was the only missing from his performance. I think the S.O.S. part of this song was very apt.
Dave told her she was lacking intensity.

Bilgy said they were looking for some originality with this song in the arrangement, which just wasn’t there.

Lukas “Hero” ~ Chad Kroeger
Lukas sat dead-centre stage on a chair, playing acoustic guitar. And smiling, WTF! In my no-so-humble opinion, this was his best performance yet. He really showcased the two aspects of his voice.
Dave “Awesome”
T.Lee hated the sitting down, but liked the performance.
Bilgy “Incredible”
Jason again with the friggin’ voice critiques. Meh.

Storm “I Will Survive” ~ Gloria Gaynor
This arrangement was quite original with a Spanish flair. Oh, she’s so edgy, she added in the word “ass” a couple times. And it’s her turn with the trucker chain & I think she’s channeling the crazy walker from RS:INXS.
Dave mentions Dilana (Time After Time) Marty (Hit Me Baby One More Time) hahaha! I almost wrote “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”! Ms. Benatar would kill me! But I digress. Dave says “That didn’t work & I hated it”.
T.Lee says “That was sautéed in wrong sauce”. How witty.
Bilgy also did not like. Then maybe that shouldn’t have been a song selection. Duh!

Toby “Solsbury Hill” ~ Peter Gabriel
Bilgy joins him onstage for some acoustic guitar. You know I don’t much care for the little Aussie, don’t you? Here’s what I saw: a New Kids on the Block arm pump, and awwwww how sweet, Storm is sharing the trucker chain. Toby plays the bongos ~ T.Lee does not look impressed. He’s the only one who can rock the beat, doesn’t Toby know that?
Dave – killer job
Jason – liked it
Bilgy – awesome
T.Lee – no question of commitment. {and no comment on the performance!}

Ryan “In The Air Tonight” ~ Phil Collins
Black again! Good gravy. Would someone please ship this boy some clothes from home. On some of the close-up shots, the resemblance to a young Frank Stallone is startling! I must find photos to prove that statement. So the angry postal worker routine works well with this song, & he poses nicely for the cameras. Barely interacts with the audience at all.
Dave – dramatic & intense “Best performance of the night”
Bilgy – dig the extra effort {I think this was referring to the change-up on the arrangement, not his plans to shoot the audience from the Clock Tower}
Jason – changed it up, working hard, keep it up.

Dilana “Cat’s in the Cradle” ~ Harry Chapin
This was good, but pretty much the same/same/different we see from her every week. I want her to do something completely different, maybe something like “Do You Now

Dave – spoke too soon, that’s the best performance of the night. He got chills.
Jason – modern feel to the song.
Bilgy – strong in the low & high register {I query, what high register?} keep it going.
Dilana, pulling a J.D. says, “I told you guys I'm the one”.

Encore: tough! Lukas deserves it, but I think Dilana will get it
Bottom3: Patrice, Storm & Toby.

Elimination Episode 6

Oooooooh, some girls were gettin' bitchy back at the gilded cage. Shocker ~ Jill is involved. She's calling every out for not wanting to play with Bilgy. Storm says she has nothing to prove because she knows she can play with Bilgy, & Bilgy knows it too!
Dave totally calls her on it, & Storm is speechless. Much like Wilma when she's sleeping. HAHAHA!
Bilgy tells the rawkers that they need to fight for these chances to play with SP because they need to see the chemistry betwixt them & SP.

T.Lee announces all the remaining rawkers after tonight will be headed to Vegas with SP to check out the Hard Rock Cafe where they will be playing New Year's Eve.

Encore: Lukas & Magni. (I was right on 1) Both well deserved, in my not-so-humble opinion.
Lukas was better than last night. I've finally figured out what he reminds me of. A bantam rooster having an epileptic fit. Yup, pretty sure that's what it is.
Magni did his song "Magnified" {I know, it's lame, I'm just quoting T.Lee}. Very good!

Bottom3: Jill, Josh & Ryan (I was right about 1, but that was pretty obvious. Man, I suck at this!)

Jill "Respect" ~ Aretha Franklin
Oh, sweetie. Whatcha doin'? Oversinging again? Oh, okay. If that's the way you want to play it, Buh-Bye.
Josh "Shooting Star" ~ Bad Company
Plays his guitar again. After being told not to play his guitar. Maybe he's going Buh-Bye?
Ryan "Enjoy the Silence" ~ Depeche Mode
Wow, impressive song choice. Loses the Unabomber hoodie & is wearing a {shocker!} red t. Dirtied up the song a bit with some intensity. This was good. He's staying fer sure.

My guess: Jill is gone.

Bilgy babbles & declares Ryan safe.

TommyHawk says, and I quote "The Ax falls twice. Both of you are out of here." I'm so glad he let them down easy.

Jill babbles some inane thank you's to SP, the audience, and the rawkers. Missed the House Band in the excitement of going home, I suppose.
Josh asks "Can we still go to Vegas?" The rawkers, well, everyone laughs. Josh turns to the rawkers & says "What are laughing about? Don't you realize we're going home? This isn't funny. Jill & I got cut." Now, THAT was class. I may not appreciate his voice, but I certainly can appreciate his cool. Good on ya, man.

Performance Episode 6: Recaps & Reactions

During the recap back at the mansion, no-one steps forward to claim the song with Bilgy {okay, this was a typo but it cracks me up so I'm sticking with it!} except Dilana. Dave gives them all shite & says "If it were up to me, the contest would be over right now & Dilana would be declared the lead singer for SP". Strong words, PPOD.

Dilana {with Bilgy} "Won't Get Fooled Again" ~ The Who.
Very Janis Joplin this time. She looks awesome, but I'm sorry, does anyone really believe she didn't know this song? Who doesn't know this song? She totally knew this song. She won't fool us again with that shite.

Jill "Mother, Mother" ~ Tracey Bonham
Very Avril/Alanis in her army capris and work boots. Does a big jump off the stage ~ at her age it's berry, berry dangerous. She could crack an ankle or something.
T.Lee says it was her best ever {yawn. where have we heard this before?}
And we get to see a Buddha Bow.

Ryan "Paint it Black" ~ The Rolling Stones.
Whatever he's smoking, can I have some please? It's all very Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall with the feathered Unabomber hoodie. How theatrical. How assinine.
Kisses & hugs from the couch. I think Ryan shared his stash with SP.

Storm "We Are The Champions" ~ Queen
You should be happy to know she did not channel JD during this song, which is a good thing. This was really good! She didn't go apeshit crazy with the Broadway, and involved the crowd.
Dave tells her the performance showed her range & power.
A little behind the scenes info ~ at the end of her performance, Storm went into full splits on the stage - literally. She split her pants in a BIG way. After this point, she is wearing a sweater around her waist to cover her naughty bits, which were apparently showing a teeny, tiny, wee bit.

Zayra "All the Young Dudes" ~ David Bowie
Let me take a moment to say that despite all the debate back & forth over whether this should be classified as a Bowie tune or Matt the Hoople, I will always consider this a Bowie song. I mean, he wrote it & he's the only one I've ever heard sing it. Of course, I don't get out much. But I digress. Magni helps out by playing guitar with the House Band on this one. Wow, we've got a gold lame {pretend there's an accent there, okay?} cat suit, top hat and transvestite boots. Very Cher.
Dave says something to the effect of "You'd be perfect for Rockstar:Planet Pluto"
T.Lee commends her confidence.
Bilgy tells her he appreciates her showmanship, but she was flat. Wait, did he mean chested? Cuz that makes me uncomfortable.

Josh "Interstate Love Song" ~ Stone Temple Pilots
Josh accompanies himself with the guitar. T.Lee announces he's going to play drums with him. This was pretty good, {I can't believe I just typed that!} but that voice! Aiy! It's like spraying cold water directly on my exposed tooth root.
T.Lee tells him the guitar freezes up his funk - I believe he meant inhibits his ability to move around & enjoy the music.

Magni "The Dolphin's Cry" ~ Live
Don't know this song, but The Iceman did it well, acoustic. This was really good, the soft singing & the wailing both were great.

Patrice "Instant Karma" ~ John Lennon
Patrice - Red from Fraggle Rock called. She wants her hair back. She also played guitar.
Kisses & hugs from the couch. I don't see it.

Insider info - Storm is now wearing jeans, fetched by some lackey mayhaps?

Lukas "Creep" ~ Radiohead
Booyah! There's that voice I was telling you about. I have no idea why he was hiding it all this time. Maybe so he could pull it out at an opportune time {like, uh, now} and pretend that he was becoming so learned from SP & the audition process. Anyway, thought this was wonderful, and didn't see a lot to compare to Marty which was a pleasant surprise.
Major tongue-bath from the couch.

Toby "Burning Down The House" ~ Talking Heads
Query: How many times did he grab his do-da? Were you counting, boys & girls? We were. At least 5 is the answer. How punk, he has suspenders hanging from his belt area. And a flag-draped megaphone? No. A thousand times, no.
Dave - megaphone is old, seen it a million times.
SP however, liked it.

Encore: Lukas
Bottom3: Patrice, Jill, Zayra

I Been Busy!

So sorry, faithful readers, I've been busy completing my to-do list, getting ready to go away for the weekend, back at work with computer problems, laying on the couch, etc. I can't believe I'm 2 weeks behind!

This situation will be rectified forthwith.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boy Can Sing!

Okay, boys & girls, you HAVE to check this out~ I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own little, perfectly formed & in flawless working order ears.

Lukas Rossi can actually sing! I wouldn't lie to you, listen to the sampler & you'll be a believer too. The only question is ~ when the hell is he going to reveal this to Suave Porn? Or is he really trying to throw the contest without seeming to like the grassy-knoll conspiracy theorists would have us believe?

Elimination Episode 5

During the talky, talky, recap "meanwhile, back at the mansion" crap, Ryan actually had some supportive, positive comments to say to Lukas. Maybe he isn't the asshat I thought he was.

Q&A between the couch and the rawkers, blah blah blah.

Encore: Ryan ~ was there any doubt? He did well, but I think last night's performance was better.

BawkBawk gets right to it {HAHAHAHAHA, I Kill me!} and starts announcing the Bottom 3: Jill, Dana & Patrice. 1 out of 3, I'm slipping. Interestingly, there were very few Oooo's & aaaah's & "NO!" coming out of the audience when Jill was announced. She's not a crowd favourite. I'm just saying.

Jill performs "Alone" by Heart. No craziness, no asshattery, just stands up there and belts it out. Well done & she gets a standing O from SP. I wonder if she chose this song in response to Gilby's criticism & holding up Ann Wilson as a woman rocker who doesn't flaunt her sexuality for stage presence? Just a thought.

Side note, BawkBawk tattles on Toby & Dana who both missed their rehearsals with the House Band. Who in their right mind would ever skip a chance to jam with these guys?

Dana sings "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. Man, that is too much voice for someone so young. She just looks awkward on stage to me, like a colt that hasn't grown into her legs yet. She doesn't seem comfortable up there ~ I hope it's something she learns in time, cuz with those pipes she could have an amazing career.

Patrice finishes up the Bottom 3 with "Eternal Life" by Jeff Buckley. Never heard the song. Didn't really care for it ~ I'm sure she sang it well, but I didn't personally like the song. Also, another Buddha Bow.

I have a feeling that Patrice is gone.

Gilby announces for all those who will remain that SP will be giving them a new track to write lyrics melody individually. I guess this is where the band sees what the rawkers are bringing to the table. Who can back up what they've been saying with some actual proof? Only time will tell.

Gilby tells Jill she has made some bad choices but she saved herself tonight with her performance. Dana is told she is developing well, but is there enough time for her to grow? Patrice is a good singer & performer, but he questions her being in the Bottom 3 yet again with a performance that showcased T.Lee on the drums.

Hatchet Man TL tells Dana "You've got to go. You've come so far, but you have so much farther to go."
Dana has some very gracious & mature last words which Jason acknowledges, saying "You've got a long way to go ~ but you're going to go a long way". Finally! Someone is writing better stuff for them. Let's see how long it lasts, shall we?

You gotta admire her moxie. Dana has not been shy about her lack of.... seasoning, shall we say? But doesn't take no shite from anyone either.

I can't wait to see what sort of songs are going to come out of this next assignment. Please, Lord in Heaven above, no "Stop, Go"!

No Bottom 3?

For some reason, at the end of the show when they are supposed to show the early results Bottom 3, there was nothing shown on my screen.
I was watching NTV, did anyone else see it on a different channel mayhaps? Just wondering WTF was up with that.

Performance Episode 5: Recaps & Reactions

BawkBawk announces T.Lee will be drumming with someone today. Oooooooo, the pressure mounts! Who will it be?

Wow! A short, 3 minute pre-amble {song selection went fairly peacefully, at least not too much drahma} and we're right in to the show. That's what I'm talking about.

Patrice "Higher Ground" Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ T.Lee is first up, gets behind the drum kit right away with Patrice on vocals. What's with the scary hair? Her vocals are, at best, mediocre this round. She's channelling Sherry O'Terry's cheerleader character with her posing and skipping around the stage.

Let me just take a moment to say that the "Buddha Bow" is really starting to pick my ass. This would be when a rawker puts palms together, brings them to their face and bows ~ at SP, at the audience, at the camera, whatever. It's really annoying the crap out of me, and Patrice is the worst offender.

Josh "Santeria" Sublime ~ His voice is not as grating on my nerves this week. Am I mellowing? Please, for the love of God, don't tell me he's growing on me, I don't think I could take it. Don't know the song, but he sounds quite good {yeesh, can't believe I just said that}. Boys & girls, I don't think that reggae is the way they are headed. Got good comments from the whole couch.

Dilana "Can't Get Enough" Bad Company ~ I love this song, have it on LP & CD, she does fairly well with this. Dilana travels through the crowd to rock on the couch stage a la Deanna, then gets a shoulder ride from her boyfriend {found that out on the Rockband boards} back to the stage. She is so small! Tongue bath again from the boys.

Toby "Pennyroyal Tea" Nirvana ~ I missed the Nirvana boat back in the day so I really don't understand the obsession. We've heard one of their songs every week. He's okay, kinda meh, oh now he's in the crowd hugging some random slightly overweight girl. How nice, how calculated. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Polite comments from the couch.

Zayra "867-5309 Jenny" Tommy Tutone ~ Oh, a cape. Nice. AND gold elbow gloves, a cat print body suit & she forgot her pants. Good look. I actually like the rocking instruments in this version, but as Puffy Kracker called out from the computer room "She was really offkey for the whole song". Halfway through her 'performance' {and I use that term loosely} I thought What? What is this? Is she really serious? Can't really describe this, the English language is bereft of the words I need for this show.
Dave is laughing so hard, they all are, and ask for a commercial break to compose themselves before they comment. Dave says she's at least showing them something different every week, mentions the whole Phil controversy & how people think she should be gone. Gilby admits they keep her around purely for the entertainment value to see what she'll do next, and T.Lee asks if she wants to mud wrestle.

Magni "Clocks" Coldplay ~ Not a really good choice vocally for him, and his stage presence is nil tonight. But how much did the fabulous House Band Rock? Oh. Buddha Bow. Bad
They liked it? Whatever. T.Lee asks about his son, & says they are going to fly Magni's family over for a visit cuz they appreciate his sacrifices. Nice gesture.

Jill "Don't You Forget About Me" Simple Minds ~ a Victoria Secret bra, hmmm. Goes nicely with the stripper moves she's performing on the mic stand. Oh, now she's lifting it up in the air a la Jon Bon Jovi circa 1986. She really tried to 'rock' the song & ended up dating herself. She's stuck a little in the 80's {you know it's gotta be bad for me to comment on that, being an 80's girl myself}. Dave says it was really not that good. Gilby says she oversang the song, & made him uncomfortable again. He keeps on saying that word, does he know what it means? T.Lee tries to get all technical, telling her she sang in too high of a register.

Ryan "Losing My Religion" REM ~ Slowed down, piano version. OMG I just had a Bruno from "Fame" flashback. Some real emotion is showing through here, and he sure can play piano. Nice, for real. That didn't suck at all.
Dave tells him it was "phenomenal,amazing & beautiful". Jason calls it his best performance yet {you know someone was going to hear that} T.Lee says it will get him laid. If there's one thing Tommy is, it's classy.

Lukas "Celebrity Skin" Hole ~ I think he's hung. Over, I mean {you have filthy minds, boys & girls} He performed half the song with his back to the audience, & didn't take command of the stage like normal. A very lackluster performance, but at least we got to see the white belt again, can't get enough of that. Dave tells Lukas it was his least favourite. Gilby calls him on the back to the audience. Lukas says it was a lack of comfort with the lyrics.

Commercial break & I've picked my Bottom3 & tentative encore.

Storm "Changes" David Bowie ~ Pants & jackets sleeves are too short, distracting me from a very good version of the song. She scales it back, no crazy Broadway eyes here, just a solid vocal performance. Dave's favourite performance of hers yet. Gilby says it was risky, but great. Jason calls it classy and gave her a standing O.

Dana "Baba O'Reilly" The Who ~ It's a'right. Not great. Still feel like I'm watching Talent Night or something. She should try to engage the audience more, not play up to the camera all the time. Oh, Fack! I just saw another trucker chain. Are they all taking turns? Dave tells her she sang it well. And the others say other things but I've lost interest already & am trimming my nails.

I stand by my original choices for encore and Bottom3.

Encore: Ryan
Bottom3: Zayra, Josh & Jill.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Elimination Secrets Revealed

So, after lots of research {I've visited 4 websites} I've discovered the reasoning behind the abrupt dismissal of Phil.

According to those in the know, those who actually attend the tapings in LaLa Land, there was a lot of stuff cut out of the episode, namely this telling exchange between Dave & Phil....

Dave ~ "Do you get newspapers up at the Mansion, Phil?"
Phil ~ "No."
Dave ~ "Well, we do. Let me read you something."
He whips out a newspaper and proceeds to read from an interview with Phil, in which Phil said his primary goal for competing is to gain exposure for his band. "I mean, really I just hope to gain exposure. I love my band and I love the music," he said. "I'm not stoked about the music Supernova's popping out."
He said he knows if he wins the competition he's obligated to tour with the band, but that's a risk he's willing to take."I may have taken a risk. I love my boys back home, but you know I still have to look out for myself in this world," he said. "I've got to create opportunities for myself, and this is too huge an opportunity to say no to."

Phil is taken aback when confronted by this, but does admit that he didn’t like “the Supernova riff” (or something like that). Tommy, meanwhile, looks like he’s just been stabbed in the heart. (You can see a shot like this in the show.) He turns to the other Rockers and warns ALL of them NOT to make the band or their work look bad with the media or in the press. Gilby then tells Phil that Tommy was absolutely devastated to be letting him go and that he hadn't wanted to do it.

Click here to this exchange in all it's uncut glory.

Click here for Dave's point of view.

And, if you've got some time, click here to see what the hard-core fans of the show are saying. Pay particular attention to page 23 on.

Now, I know that the interview with Phil was given the first week of July. But what was going through his mind? Was he trying to be controversial to get noticed? Was he just speaking his mind, not realizing the consequences? Did he under-estimate the reading level of SP? Was he stoned ~ again? Who knows.
Word of advice to the remaining rawkers: You are in a job interview. Don't diss your future employers, future fellow bandmates, or their music if you really want the job.

Elimination Episode 4

Someone, anyone out there please tell me why this program is an hour long? Oh, right, it’s so we can see the same clip 5 times over! Mark Burnett Productions, in all their infinite wisdom{or finite, as the case is shaping up to be} has decided not to air the reality episodes on TV ~ although we get them on Global in Canada for some strange, unknown reason ~ and so all the scandal, highlights & lowlights are displayed in all their glory during the elimination episodes. Just get on to the damn performances!

BawkBawk is getting pretty “tongue-in-cheek” with her comments, and introduces T.Lee as the man “rumoured to have the biggest hatchet in Hollywood”. Ahem. Enough said about THAT.

We have another monotonous recap of the performances with BawkBawk proclaiming that Suave Porn was disappointed with Phil, Josh, Magni, Zayra, Jill & Patrice. We get to hear Phil’s comments about the poor song selection, which was never really answered by SP to my satisfaction, although Dave did counter with Dana & Dilana as examples of what to do well with a slower song. Apparently, the guys are more concerned with presentation, than the song. Isn’t this a complete about-face from the last few weeks when they told various rawkers that they choose a poor song?

Some scenes from the gilded cage follow; chat, chat Q&A between SP & the rawkers ~ who cares? Really, does anyone care? Do I say this every week? Get to the business at hand for the love of God!

Encore goes to Storm and rightly so, as I called this on the performance night. Yes, I’m fabulous, but you can still tell me anyway.
Storm starts out with an impressive ass shake. And is she doing a plie? Just as good as the night before, IMHO.

Bottom 3: Patrice, Zayra & Phil. Again, I called 2 out of 3. My spidey sense is tingling. I’m getting so near to perfect, I can barely stand it!

Patrice performs “My Iron Lung” Radiohead in sunglasses, a zipper shirt & a hoody. She leaves centre stage, heads over to the rawker pad for some one-on-one with Lukas & his tongue, and sings well. Not a Radiohead fan, so don’t know the song, but she’s intense.

Zayra sings “Not an Addict” by K’s Choice. Again, don’t know the song. But if the guys keep saying “Bring it. Kill it. Crunch it. Rock it.” this is not the song to do it with. Very mellow, and I’m pretty sure they brought out the soft-filter lens again for the close-ups. Just an aside, that silver mini-skirt reminds me of Olivia Newton-John from “Zanadu” {the movie, not the song}

Phil rounds out the bottom 3 with “Smoking Umbrellas” by Failure. Again, do not know the song. If there’s one thing this show will do for me is expand my knowledge in music. Phil does very well, from what I can tell, and I safely predict that Zayra will finally bite the dust.

T.Lee pulls up the hood of his red sweater, revealing devil horns and after some Q&A with the bottom 3 announces “Phil, you’re the next to go”. They question his commitment.

Well, colour me stupefused! I have nothing to say at this point, cuz I got nothing in me brain. WTF? If I ever at some point thought I knew what was going on, I certainly cannot make that claim now.