Thursday, August 17, 2006

Performance Episode 6: Recaps & Reactions

During the recap back at the mansion, no-one steps forward to claim the song with Bilgy {okay, this was a typo but it cracks me up so I'm sticking with it!} except Dilana. Dave gives them all shite & says "If it were up to me, the contest would be over right now & Dilana would be declared the lead singer for SP". Strong words, PPOD.

Dilana {with Bilgy} "Won't Get Fooled Again" ~ The Who.
Very Janis Joplin this time. She looks awesome, but I'm sorry, does anyone really believe she didn't know this song? Who doesn't know this song? She totally knew this song. She won't fool us again with that shite.

Jill "Mother, Mother" ~ Tracey Bonham
Very Avril/Alanis in her army capris and work boots. Does a big jump off the stage ~ at her age it's berry, berry dangerous. She could crack an ankle or something.
T.Lee says it was her best ever {yawn. where have we heard this before?}
And we get to see a Buddha Bow.

Ryan "Paint it Black" ~ The Rolling Stones.
Whatever he's smoking, can I have some please? It's all very Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall with the feathered Unabomber hoodie. How theatrical. How assinine.
Kisses & hugs from the couch. I think Ryan shared his stash with SP.

Storm "We Are The Champions" ~ Queen
You should be happy to know she did not channel JD during this song, which is a good thing. This was really good! She didn't go apeshit crazy with the Broadway, and involved the crowd.
Dave tells her the performance showed her range & power.
A little behind the scenes info ~ at the end of her performance, Storm went into full splits on the stage - literally. She split her pants in a BIG way. After this point, she is wearing a sweater around her waist to cover her naughty bits, which were apparently showing a teeny, tiny, wee bit.

Zayra "All the Young Dudes" ~ David Bowie
Let me take a moment to say that despite all the debate back & forth over whether this should be classified as a Bowie tune or Matt the Hoople, I will always consider this a Bowie song. I mean, he wrote it & he's the only one I've ever heard sing it. Of course, I don't get out much. But I digress. Magni helps out by playing guitar with the House Band on this one. Wow, we've got a gold lame {pretend there's an accent there, okay?} cat suit, top hat and transvestite boots. Very Cher.
Dave says something to the effect of "You'd be perfect for Rockstar:Planet Pluto"
T.Lee commends her confidence.
Bilgy tells her he appreciates her showmanship, but she was flat. Wait, did he mean chested? Cuz that makes me uncomfortable.

Josh "Interstate Love Song" ~ Stone Temple Pilots
Josh accompanies himself with the guitar. T.Lee announces he's going to play drums with him. This was pretty good, {I can't believe I just typed that!} but that voice! Aiy! It's like spraying cold water directly on my exposed tooth root.
T.Lee tells him the guitar freezes up his funk - I believe he meant inhibits his ability to move around & enjoy the music.

Magni "The Dolphin's Cry" ~ Live
Don't know this song, but The Iceman did it well, acoustic. This was really good, the soft singing & the wailing both were great.

Patrice "Instant Karma" ~ John Lennon
Patrice - Red from Fraggle Rock called. She wants her hair back. She also played guitar.
Kisses & hugs from the couch. I don't see it.

Insider info - Storm is now wearing jeans, fetched by some lackey mayhaps?

Lukas "Creep" ~ Radiohead
Booyah! There's that voice I was telling you about. I have no idea why he was hiding it all this time. Maybe so he could pull it out at an opportune time {like, uh, now} and pretend that he was becoming so learned from SP & the audition process. Anyway, thought this was wonderful, and didn't see a lot to compare to Marty which was a pleasant surprise.
Major tongue-bath from the couch.

Toby "Burning Down The House" ~ Talking Heads
Query: How many times did he grab his do-da? Were you counting, boys & girls? We were. At least 5 is the answer. How punk, he has suspenders hanging from his belt area. And a flag-draped megaphone? No. A thousand times, no.
Dave - megaphone is old, seen it a million times.
SP however, liked it.

Encore: Lukas
Bottom3: Patrice, Jill, Zayra

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