Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Elimination Episode 4

Someone, anyone out there please tell me why this program is an hour long? Oh, right, it’s so we can see the same clip 5 times over! Mark Burnett Productions, in all their infinite wisdom{or finite, as the case is shaping up to be} has decided not to air the reality episodes on TV ~ although we get them on Global in Canada for some strange, unknown reason ~ and so all the scandal, highlights & lowlights are displayed in all their glory during the elimination episodes. Just get on to the damn performances!

BawkBawk is getting pretty “tongue-in-cheek” with her comments, and introduces T.Lee as the man “rumoured to have the biggest hatchet in Hollywood”. Ahem. Enough said about THAT.

We have another monotonous recap of the performances with BawkBawk proclaiming that Suave Porn was disappointed with Phil, Josh, Magni, Zayra, Jill & Patrice. We get to hear Phil’s comments about the poor song selection, which was never really answered by SP to my satisfaction, although Dave did counter with Dana & Dilana as examples of what to do well with a slower song. Apparently, the guys are more concerned with presentation, than the song. Isn’t this a complete about-face from the last few weeks when they told various rawkers that they choose a poor song?

Some scenes from the gilded cage follow; chat, chat Q&A between SP & the rawkers ~ who cares? Really, does anyone care? Do I say this every week? Get to the business at hand for the love of God!

Encore goes to Storm and rightly so, as I called this on the performance night. Yes, I’m fabulous, but you can still tell me anyway.
Storm starts out with an impressive ass shake. And is she doing a plie? Just as good as the night before, IMHO.

Bottom 3: Patrice, Zayra & Phil. Again, I called 2 out of 3. My spidey sense is tingling. I’m getting so near to perfect, I can barely stand it!

Patrice performs “My Iron Lung” Radiohead in sunglasses, a zipper shirt & a hoody. She leaves centre stage, heads over to the rawker pad for some one-on-one with Lukas & his tongue, and sings well. Not a Radiohead fan, so don’t know the song, but she’s intense.

Zayra sings “Not an Addict” by K’s Choice. Again, don’t know the song. But if the guys keep saying “Bring it. Kill it. Crunch it. Rock it.” this is not the song to do it with. Very mellow, and I’m pretty sure they brought out the soft-filter lens again for the close-ups. Just an aside, that silver mini-skirt reminds me of Olivia Newton-John from “Zanadu” {the movie, not the song}

Phil rounds out the bottom 3 with “Smoking Umbrellas” by Failure. Again, do not know the song. If there’s one thing this show will do for me is expand my knowledge in music. Phil does very well, from what I can tell, and I safely predict that Zayra will finally bite the dust.

T.Lee pulls up the hood of his red sweater, revealing devil horns and after some Q&A with the bottom 3 announces “Phil, you’re the next to go”. They question his commitment.

Well, colour me stupefused! I have nothing to say at this point, cuz I got nothing in me brain. WTF? If I ever at some point thought I knew what was going on, I certainly cannot make that claim now.

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tamado said...

Well, all of the non-musical stuff is only going to get worse as we go along. One less singer a week, same amount of time - you do the math.