Thursday, August 17, 2006

Performance Episode 7: Recaps & Reactions

In the spirit of the “stripped down show”, Dave & T.Lee remove their shirts, displaying their marvelous ink in all their skinny, white-boy glory.
Recap of the infamous trip to Vegas via the private jet. SP takes the rawkers to “The Joint” at the Hard Rock Café where they all examine the stage & dream of what might be…….

Sighs all around.

Then it’s off to a Penthouse Suite on the Strip to party with various entourage/sleazy girls/bums picked up off the street. Flash to the gilded cage the next day, all are sleeping it off. When did the poor souls get time to rehearse?
Song Selection: Dilana & Toby are in contention for the playdate with Bilgy. Dilana tells Toby he can have the song if he runs around the pool naked. So he does. You know, it’s really nice that they have time to throw in a game of truth or dare now & then. Makes the time go faster.
Zayra & Ryan are vying for the Original Song, and Zayra prevails.

Back in the studio, Dave & T.Lee are forced to dress by censors. Ha! Dave gives all the rawkers shite over not fighting harder for the Original Song & playdate with Bilgy. Magni’s response to this was “It’s editing, man! You didn’t get to see the 2 hour debate that resulting in the song selections”. Of course, this comment was edited out of the show. And that, boys & girls, is the epitome of ironical.
And onto the reason we’re all sitting through the drivel…. The performances.

Zayra “Lluvia del Mar” ~ Zayra Alvarez
This zany, crazy, outer space woman has an amazingly beautiful voice! This song really showcases what she can do when she’s intimately familiar with the music. And the string quartet playing with the House Band is a nice touch.But what is with that horrid, billowing red, floor-length skirt? She looks like a giant bell. Maybe if she had paired it with something other than a black bra? Just a thought. Jason {shocker} & the rawkers give her a standing O & for once I agree.

Magni “Starman” ~ David Bowie
Nice white suit, unspoken nod to the Thin White Duke. Good vocals, but not much is going on up there onstage. He’s just kinda sauntering around. Eeeewwwww! Veins are sticking up on his head & face. NOT nice.
Bilgy pronounces it a solid performance and compels the audience to “give it up” for Magni again.

Patrice “Message in a Bottle” ~ The Police
Is that a walrus skin wrapped haphazardly around her waist? This performance was very Meh to me. Oh, & nice suck-up move trying to encourage the audience to sing along to the chorus RIGHT AFTER they told Magni that was the only missing from his performance. I think the S.O.S. part of this song was very apt.
Dave told her she was lacking intensity.

Bilgy said they were looking for some originality with this song in the arrangement, which just wasn’t there.

Lukas “Hero” ~ Chad Kroeger
Lukas sat dead-centre stage on a chair, playing acoustic guitar. And smiling, WTF! In my no-so-humble opinion, this was his best performance yet. He really showcased the two aspects of his voice.
Dave “Awesome”
T.Lee hated the sitting down, but liked the performance.
Bilgy “Incredible”
Jason again with the friggin’ voice critiques. Meh.

Storm “I Will Survive” ~ Gloria Gaynor
This arrangement was quite original with a Spanish flair. Oh, she’s so edgy, she added in the word “ass” a couple times. And it’s her turn with the trucker chain & I think she’s channeling the crazy walker from RS:INXS.
Dave mentions Dilana (Time After Time) Marty (Hit Me Baby One More Time) hahaha! I almost wrote “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”! Ms. Benatar would kill me! But I digress. Dave says “That didn’t work & I hated it”.
T.Lee says “That was sautéed in wrong sauce”. How witty.
Bilgy also did not like. Then maybe that shouldn’t have been a song selection. Duh!

Toby “Solsbury Hill” ~ Peter Gabriel
Bilgy joins him onstage for some acoustic guitar. You know I don’t much care for the little Aussie, don’t you? Here’s what I saw: a New Kids on the Block arm pump, and awwwww how sweet, Storm is sharing the trucker chain. Toby plays the bongos ~ T.Lee does not look impressed. He’s the only one who can rock the beat, doesn’t Toby know that?
Dave – killer job
Jason – liked it
Bilgy – awesome
T.Lee – no question of commitment. {and no comment on the performance!}

Ryan “In The Air Tonight” ~ Phil Collins
Black again! Good gravy. Would someone please ship this boy some clothes from home. On some of the close-up shots, the resemblance to a young Frank Stallone is startling! I must find photos to prove that statement. So the angry postal worker routine works well with this song, & he poses nicely for the cameras. Barely interacts with the audience at all.
Dave – dramatic & intense “Best performance of the night”
Bilgy – dig the extra effort {I think this was referring to the change-up on the arrangement, not his plans to shoot the audience from the Clock Tower}
Jason – changed it up, working hard, keep it up.

Dilana “Cat’s in the Cradle” ~ Harry Chapin
This was good, but pretty much the same/same/different we see from her every week. I want her to do something completely different, maybe something like “Do You Now

Dave – spoke too soon, that’s the best performance of the night. He got chills.
Jason – modern feel to the song.
Bilgy – strong in the low & high register {I query, what high register?} keep it going.
Dilana, pulling a J.D. says, “I told you guys I'm the one”.

Encore: tough! Lukas deserves it, but I think Dilana will get it
Bottom3: Patrice, Storm & Toby.


flibirdijibit said...

oh my gosh! I just watched that video of Dilana! It's freakin' hilarious! Especially the little rap part!!!! I am LOL! She really does look beautiful in that video though. Good find!

Wilma said...

Yes, this made me laugh out loud, especially since she's so "edgy" now.