Thursday, August 17, 2006

Elimination Episode 6

Oooooooh, some girls were gettin' bitchy back at the gilded cage. Shocker ~ Jill is involved. She's calling every out for not wanting to play with Bilgy. Storm says she has nothing to prove because she knows she can play with Bilgy, & Bilgy knows it too!
Dave totally calls her on it, & Storm is speechless. Much like Wilma when she's sleeping. HAHAHA!
Bilgy tells the rawkers that they need to fight for these chances to play with SP because they need to see the chemistry betwixt them & SP.

T.Lee announces all the remaining rawkers after tonight will be headed to Vegas with SP to check out the Hard Rock Cafe where they will be playing New Year's Eve.

Encore: Lukas & Magni. (I was right on 1) Both well deserved, in my not-so-humble opinion.
Lukas was better than last night. I've finally figured out what he reminds me of. A bantam rooster having an epileptic fit. Yup, pretty sure that's what it is.
Magni did his song "Magnified" {I know, it's lame, I'm just quoting T.Lee}. Very good!

Bottom3: Jill, Josh & Ryan (I was right about 1, but that was pretty obvious. Man, I suck at this!)

Jill "Respect" ~ Aretha Franklin
Oh, sweetie. Whatcha doin'? Oversinging again? Oh, okay. If that's the way you want to play it, Buh-Bye.
Josh "Shooting Star" ~ Bad Company
Plays his guitar again. After being told not to play his guitar. Maybe he's going Buh-Bye?
Ryan "Enjoy the Silence" ~ Depeche Mode
Wow, impressive song choice. Loses the Unabomber hoodie & is wearing a {shocker!} red t. Dirtied up the song a bit with some intensity. This was good. He's staying fer sure.

My guess: Jill is gone.

Bilgy babbles & declares Ryan safe.

TommyHawk says, and I quote "The Ax falls twice. Both of you are out of here." I'm so glad he let them down easy.

Jill babbles some inane thank you's to SP, the audience, and the rawkers. Missed the House Band in the excitement of going home, I suppose.
Josh asks "Can we still go to Vegas?" The rawkers, well, everyone laughs. Josh turns to the rawkers & says "What are laughing about? Don't you realize we're going home? This isn't funny. Jill & I got cut." Now, THAT was class. I may not appreciate his voice, but I certainly can appreciate his cool. Good on ya, man.

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