Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Elimination Secrets Revealed

So, after lots of research {I've visited 4 websites} I've discovered the reasoning behind the abrupt dismissal of Phil.

According to those in the know, those who actually attend the tapings in LaLa Land, there was a lot of stuff cut out of the episode, namely this telling exchange between Dave & Phil....

Dave ~ "Do you get newspapers up at the Mansion, Phil?"
Phil ~ "No."
Dave ~ "Well, we do. Let me read you something."
He whips out a newspaper and proceeds to read from an interview with Phil, in which Phil said his primary goal for competing is to gain exposure for his band. "I mean, really I just hope to gain exposure. I love my band and I love the music," he said. "I'm not stoked about the music Supernova's popping out."
He said he knows if he wins the competition he's obligated to tour with the band, but that's a risk he's willing to take."I may have taken a risk. I love my boys back home, but you know I still have to look out for myself in this world," he said. "I've got to create opportunities for myself, and this is too huge an opportunity to say no to."

Phil is taken aback when confronted by this, but does admit that he didn’t like “the Supernova riff” (or something like that). Tommy, meanwhile, looks like he’s just been stabbed in the heart. (You can see a shot like this in the show.) He turns to the other Rockers and warns ALL of them NOT to make the band or their work look bad with the media or in the press. Gilby then tells Phil that Tommy was absolutely devastated to be letting him go and that he hadn't wanted to do it.

Click here to this exchange in all it's uncut glory.

Click here for Dave's point of view.

And, if you've got some time, click here to see what the hard-core fans of the show are saying. Pay particular attention to page 23 on.

Now, I know that the interview with Phil was given the first week of July. But what was going through his mind? Was he trying to be controversial to get noticed? Was he just speaking his mind, not realizing the consequences? Did he under-estimate the reading level of SP? Was he stoned ~ again? Who knows.
Word of advice to the remaining rawkers: You are in a job interview. Don't diss your future employers, future fellow bandmates, or their music if you really want the job.

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