Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reality Show August 29

Dilana, at 34 years old, is pouting like a 3 year old. "Everything I say is taken the wrong way, so I'm just not going to talk anymore". Um, can someone fill me in? What's the right way to take "I want to strangle you"? It's always good to wallow in self-pity on a job interview. And, after signing up for a reality show where cameras follow you around 24/7, it's also cool to get mad at the cameras, throw a glass to shatter on the ground & cut your "friend" and storm off to wallow a little more.

Watching her hanging out the window with her head in her lap, I couldn't help but hear that old 50's song "Lonely, I'm so lonely" in my head. I think that's her theme song today.

Storm invents a new word while describing the TV screen ~ Gigundous. Quick, someone get that to the Urban Dictionary, STAT!

Sorry, got distracted by Puffy Kracker so missed some of this drivel, but managed to make it back just in time to hear Dilana say something about "This horrific thing that happened to me". WTF? What? What happened? You flapped your lips, it was captured on tape & played back in front of millions of people, you got caught being a bitch and got called on it! The theme song has now changed to "Poor, poor pitiful me".

Yech. I'm done with reality stuff.

The question on everyone's lips, however, does Lukas ever swim? I worry about his makeup.

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