Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Performance Episode 9: Recaps & Reactions

Fan Selection Night

More DilanaDrama recap, for those with their heads under a rock who missed it last time.

Jason's comments about editing {surprise!} have been edited out. Sorry, was going to post a link for this but the thread on the Rockband message board is temporarily unavailable, or out of the service area. Check back for more details.

Lukas "Lithium" ~ Nirvana
lotsa piano & crowd interaction. Pretty good, although if I never hear another Nirvana song as long as I live, it'll still be too many.
T.Lee comments on the arrangement. Wow. I'm impressed that he can reference anything other than partying, girls and his penis.
Bilgy declares it his "best performance yet"
Jason says it was "Dy-no-mite!"

Magni "I Alone" ~ Live
Great campaign for votes! They show clip of him telling Canadians, Americans & Aussies that they don't have to vote for the others, vote for him! You can't even see where his head got cut. Ewwww, those veins are really starting to freak me out. He actually moves around, & heads over to the couch to rock right in their faces.
Jason gives him a standing O.
Bilgy is still looking for that extra something. What, should fire shoot out of his eyes?

Ryan "Clocks" ~ Coldplay
I think he's been nicknamed the Dark Horse cuz he always wears black, not because he's anything special. JMO. Shaky beginning, hey I think I hear that damn dog Lukas was talking about a couple weeks ago! What? He's now standing on a grand piano? Young man, you better not scuff that polish with your black "rocker" boots. Oh, and it's a Dukes of Hazzard slide back over to the keyboard, followed by a Fabulous Baker Boys sleazy crawl {although I would have preferred an homage to Carol Burnett & seen him fall on his ass, but that's just me}
Dave - killer {I think he meant, psycho killer}
Jason - lose the plot when you get up from the piano. Got booed. I also would boo him, but only because songs don't really have plots, that's more a book thing.
Bilgy - great, different every week.

Storm "Bring Me To Life" ~ Evanescence
Toby joins her for the duet parts & it's awesome. Storm sings the beginning lower than Amy, but it still sounds good. But sweetie, that dress is not flattering on you, it's accenting a paunch that I'm not even sure you really have. I know, hello pot - this is the kettle, but I'm not on TV.
Dave - lower register sounded good!
Bilgy - not as memorable as Jill. I think secretly, he really liked the bump & grind.
Jason - effort counts a lot. That's the lamest comment I've heard all season, and that's saying a lot!

Toby "Rebel Yell" ~ Billy Iidol
Someone please snap his ass with those damn dangling suspenders, I can't take it anymore! Channelled a bit of Elvis at the beginning. Chorus kicked it up a notch. No mention of Lukas also singing this song in the lead up, unlike all the others. Pulls up some chicks from the audience to dance with him on stage. The boys should like that.
Dave - strong performance
Bilgy - whole new level, loved that performance
T.Lee - I like that you get people naked, grab the girls & let's go to my dressing room.
Toby - better check some ID's

Dilana "Mother, Mother" ~ Tracey Bonham
Jill did this song in week 6 {T.Lee told her best ever performance}
Dilana plays guitar. Anyone else notice that full-on light show? No favourites here, boys & girls. And a leg thrown right over Sasha's shoulder, nice. Classy.
Dave - favourite performance of both seasons
T.Lee - I'm the king of mistakes, but we learn & don't make them again.
Bilgy - not a bad part in that performance
Jason - really good.

Encore: Toby
Bottom3: Storm, Magni & Ryan
Sing with SP: Ryan

Early B3: Storm, Ryan & Lukas. WTF? I don't know what the hell is going on anymore!

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