Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elimination Episode 8

The rawkers are all on stage for a police line-up. I spot the criminal ~ it’s Dilana with Princess Lei hair dipped in candy floss.

We’re treated to a 6 minute “behind the scenes” with Dilana getting the evil edit. I really need to find out all that happened! I don’t know why, it’s a strange compulsion, but I will stay up late into the night {okay, late into the early morning} to find out all the stuff they cut from the show.

So all the rawkers were in the studio yet again competing to sing with Suave Porn. Why are they competing for the “Hey, hey, hey and the ho, ho, ho”? Not sure. These musical masterminds are really outdoing themselves in the lyric department. That's sarcasm, boys & girls.

Back in the studio, we hear SP featuring Toby on “Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches”
Okay, who thought of this title? Evs.
Bilgy, my friend, those pants are bad. Too loosy goosy in your heiny. Please correct tout de suite. Nice chewy guitar at the beginning {and yes, that is the technical term. I take guitar lessons and I know!} Poor Toby, no dancing ho’s for you ~ which is kinda funny cuz you’d think that it would kinda go with the song? Well, at least he has his trucker chain AND dangling suspenders to keep his spirits up.

Oh yes!! They are going to address the press clinic. Yes, yes, YES! Oh, flashback to Harry & Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having.” So we get to see all the flora & fauna that spewed from her mouth, except, interestingly enough, Dilana naming Storm as one of the people who didn’t like SP’s music. Hmmmm, have to analyze that for a while.

Dave responds. “What the hell are you thinking? Never bag on your peers like that!”
Dilana “I screwed up, I apologise to every person who feels offended.”
Dave “Why would you say these things?
Dilana “I’m too honest, I don’t know how to lie”
Dave “Lukas, how do you respond?”

Lukas “I’m not surprised. I have to live with it, literally. I’m bigger than that {ever so slightly} so evs.

Finally, at 9:25 we get into the Bottom3. No encore as they really wanted to deal with the whole Dilana scandal/brouhaha/diarrhea of the mouth syndrome. Good call, IMHO.

Bottom3 are Magni, Patrice & Toby.
Magni ~ Fire by Jimmy Hendrix.
Wow. And I mean that sincerely. Magni knocks this out of the park Wait, since when do I use sport metaphors? He plays guitar and he and the House Band look like a complete group. Jason looks stunned. Magni & Raphael did a whole guitar thing together. I love Hendrix & I loved this! He is SO safe.

Patrice ~ Middle of the Road by The Pretenders.
Not liking the arrangement ~ I think the title of this song is so apt for this performance. Who punched her? Ooops, maybe it’s a healing cold sore, my bad. Moving on. She is going home tonight. And the Buddha Bow. Maybe it’s not a cold sore; Magni just told her about it and wiped it off with his sleeve. He really is nice.

Toby ~ Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
He announces he’s never taking his shirt off again. I don’t think that’s what landed you in the B3, my friend. I’m enjoying the nostalgic Marky Mark moves out there. Takes me back. This was good too. Shaky start but it picked up. Crowd interaction, nice. Suddenly, I feel like I’m commentating on a tennis match “Nice form, good backhand”.

Bilgy addresses the unlucky 3.
Patrice – so happy you got to share your original with the world. But this is your 4th trip to the B3, hard to ignore.
Magni – 2 weeks in a row to B3, but that was a killer version of “Fire”
Toby – we thought you were good enough to sing our song with us, go sit down.

Tomahawk “This sucks. But our fans buy our tickets, so Patrice, you’re the next to go” and buries his head in his hands. He looks genuinely upset?!? His acting prowess has really stepped it up a notch since “Back to School”

Goodbye speech is short and sweet. Nothing new here.

Next week, viewer’s choice

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