Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elimination Episode 9

Police lineup again, Storm is showing some skin, trying to save herself from the hatchet.
BawkBawk mentions Dilana's heartfelt apology. "I apologize to every person who feels offended" is neither heartfelt, nor much of an apology in my book. An "I'm sorry, Forgive me, or Pardon my rudeness" would have been better, but what do I know?

Behind the scenes shots, Storm feels she's going home.
Dave addresses the grassy knoll rumors by reiterating what he wrote on his
blog (read "Our Position Has Been Compromised") that even though he's been saying he has nothing to do with voting, eliminations, etc. He Lied! Ah, ppod, you crack me up.

Another killer {and I use that term loosely} SP song with Lukas at the helm "It's On"
I'm a little concerned cuz Lukas touched a cymbal, is that allowed? Will T.Lee spank him for it?

Ok, while watching this, a couple things come to mind. They definately need a dynamic front person cuz Jason & Bilgy are boring to watch. This song, not the best. Reminds me of something but be damned if I can figure out what it is.

Why is Dilana wearing horns? Is she trying to be cute? Or steal the spotlight?

Encore: Toby with "Rebel Yell"
And he's off.... and it's over to the rawker pod.... and back to the cheap seats to make them feel special.... and now he's rounded the bend and is up near the couch.... and finally leading a singalong. Whew, I'm tired!

Everyone but Magni hit the B3 at one time. Contrary to what BawkBawk says, this does not mean that Magni got the most votes. And I can prove it mathematically, but not now. When Dilana's name was called, not as many boos as for the others, but was it editing? Only Mark Burnett knows.
Bottom3: Ryan, Storm, Dilana

Ryan ~ Baba O'Riley by The Who
He modestly announces he's going to "Blow your minds". Okay, what's with the horrible waste of champagne? Oh good, Toby has come over to rescue the booze & graciously shares with the other rawkers. Ryan, the crazy rawker that he is, cautiously climbs up on the Marshall stacks, almost decapitating one of the guitarists with his mic cord in the process. Bilgy actually looks embarrassed for him. As do I. Oh, he borrowed Lukas's white belt from Toby. It's nice that they have all learned to share. That was B-A-D.

Storm ~ Helter Skelter by The Beatles.
And she's off! Down through the crowd to plop onto T.Lee's lap and back into the crowd where she loses her hat but never her composure, and up onto the stage for the finish. You know, it's pretty risky to do a song that one of SP used to perform a lot as your elim song. {T.Lee, with Motley Crue, in case you're wondering}

And BawkBawk psychs out Toby with a "'re safe" and then "Dilana, welcome to elimination night"

Dilana ~ Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads.
She announces that the song is fitting to her situation, and she's going to dedicate it to herself. I think Jason just smelled a fart again. She's barefoot and bouncing around. I don't know this song at all so I can't tell if she did it well or not. According to those in the know, she missed a complete verse {French lyrics} and so just substituted her name in a couple time instead. She's got lots of her back to the audience ~ maybe cuz she didn't know the lyrics? ~ and there's pacing up & down the runway with bouncing & a bit of the flamenco dancing.

I honestly don't know what they're up to. I'd send Ryan, but I think they will send Storm packing.

Bilgy recaps:
Ryan - what an adventure, you've come so far, you were great tonight.
Storm - 1st B3, this was a solid great performance but we haven't seen a lot of growth
Dilana - lost in the middle of the song, however you have earned so much credit with us.
No one is sent back to safety!

TommyHawk: Ryan, unfortunately, I'm sorry to say you're the next to go.
Plenty of boos from the audience, and T.Lee looks around nervously like he could/should maybe take it back.

Ryan has the most ungracious goodbye since Ty. "You could have had 20 years of great music with me as your lead & I'll see you on the charts as a solo artist. That's where I'll be hanging out."

But wait, his elim interview is worse! I'll post a link here.

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