Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Performance Episode 8: Recaps & Reactions

BawkBawk starts off the show over with SP. I guess she figures it's safe over there now that they know she's preggers.
The first 5 minutes is the Storm show with Q&A. Bilgy’s dog Chopper hangs out on the couch. I believe he’s their new producer, and Buzz Lightyear is no longer interested {Butch Walker! That’s his name! Damn Alzheimer’s}

Patrice “Beautiful Thing” ~ Patrice Pike
Meh. Can’t place who she reminds me of, but I know it’s not flattering. Dave tells her she should be a solo artist. T.Lee liked it. Says it’s pretty happy but they can dirty it up.

Magni “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ~Nirvana
Oh goodie! Cuz I was really sad there wasn’t any Nirvana last week. I did miss it so. Aunt Agnes hat again. He’s got such a good voice but he’s so mellow on stage. Move around, man!
Dave – vocally great {just what I said}, really conveys the angst
Jason – great stage energy {what!}
T.Lee – says he should have played guitar. Yeah, cuz Nirvana is so musically intricate that three guitars would be needed.
Dave – let’s get rockin’ up there, I wanna see something get broken this year.

Ryan “Back of Your Car” ~ Ryan Star
First off, I have to mention, he’s wearing black. Again. At least tell me he’s been doing laundry. What were they singing? I couldn’t make it out, it was “Vogue”, “Vote” or “Fall” maybe? At first I thought they were singing VRRRMMM cuz it’s about a car, right? He throws his guitar even so carefully over to the side of the stage. Poser. If they told Magni they loved the Aunt Agnes hat, would you wear one too? Hey, Hey, now we’re talking. I see a white belt. All those years of reading Vogue helped. Maybe they were singing “Vogue” in an homage to his favourite magazine.
Dave – most rocking we’ve seen of you
Bilgy – Wait for it…. Best performance yet!

Storm “Crying” ~ Aerosmith
Hot momma! She’s looking fabulous. Well done, good vocals, love her harsh voice in the rockin’ spots. And I love the patter with the boys.
Bilgy – still looking for that “memorable, extra special” performance
Jason – good, you made it your own

Can I just mention how much I lurve Jim from the House Band? He’s dreamy!

Dilana “Every Breath You Take” ~ Police
How tragic, her parachute ripped on the way down and she decided to make a skirt out of it. I think it’s really clever how she managed to chant her own name during the song, and make it seem like a part of the song. I never even noticed until someone brought it to my attention. Subliminal messages, well done. Now change it to "Buy our album" & the gig is yours.
Dave – flirty with her
She’s asked why she chose that song, & she replies with a sad, sad story about how it’s her mother’s favourite song & she hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, & she wanted to do it in hopes that someday, somewhere, in the not-so-distant future, her mother would learn that she sang it for her & it would make her smile. Gag.

Toby “Layla” ~ Eric Clapton
Hood up! (reminds me of Barney on “How I Met Your Mother” Suit Up! ) Goodie, the trucker chain. Cuz we haven’t seen enough of that yet. Hoody off, nekkid chested over to the rawkers pad to encourage a sing along with the clueless audience. Eric Who?
Dave – entertaining & vocally great.
T.Lee – how you doin'?
Toby – I feel uncomfortable now being half nekkid.
Bilgy – it was a risk on the different arrangement, didn’t like that but the performance was amazing.

Lukas “All These Things That I’ve Done” ~ The Killers
Uh, Lukas, Maverick called. He wants his aviator glasses back. Oh, you just spazzed & knocked them off. Okay, moving on. Tons of crowd reaction to little Lukas, but Jason looks like he smelled a fart again. Voice was beautiful at the beginning, very nice.
Dave – unbelievable.
T.Lee – “Check, please” This was the comment heard around the world. No one could come to a concensus as to whether T.Lee was wanting to get the hell out cuz it was so bad, or ready for the check cuz it was so good. I happen to think he liked it.
Bilgy – great job, but why was your back to the audience so much?
Lukas – they’re my band for 2 minutes & I want to play with them.
Bilgy – we’ll cover you back there, you worry about playing to the audience. Hey, does this mean he's got the job? I just noticed this reading back my notes. Hmmmmm.
Jason – good energy

Supernova Song: Lukas
Bottom3: Patrice, Storm & Magni

Early Bottom3: Patrice, Storm, & Toby


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