Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2005 vs 2006

The fans on the message boards just make me laugh out loud! It's the same thing as last year.

2005 ~ "If INXS picks JD then I'm finished with them & I'll never buy their albums or go to a concert"

2006 ~ "If Lukas is who they want then the should hire him and I will be done with them."

In the whole big scheme of things, do you really think SP cares? Do you think they still won't sell albums or concert tickets?

I saw INXS with JD & I have to say, there was NO DOUBT in my mind they made the right choice.

Last year, I knew as soon as JD opened his mouth that he was Roit For INXS. Let's also remember, boys & girls, that I didn't start watching Rockstar until the 2nd or 3rd week so I missed the asshat performance.

Now this year, I still don't have a clear favourite. I don't know what SP is going to sound like {those shiteous songs I've heard so far aren't enough to judge} so I don't know who will be the best fit. I do know that if SP is paying any attention whatsoever to the dramarama offstage, they would be wise to send Dilana home. I can't imagine these guys, all in their 40's, putting up with the insecurities & the pity parties Dilana has been throwing for herself. On the other hand ~ cuz I like to play fair ~ is it the "evil edit" & will she redeem herself and triumph?

Only time will tell, I suppose. In a perfect world, there would be no reality episode, no cameras following them around 24/7, and it would all be about the performances.

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