Thursday, September 14, 2006

Performance Episode 10: Recaps & Reactions

BawkBawk announces - don't worry about the Dark Horse. Ryan's solo career has already taken off with the top 3 MSN downloads. Does this really mean anything? Is it like having a song on the Billboard charts? Must do research - meh. I don't care that much.

Recap of the past week & the reality episode {which I watched but was too tired to take notes or recap}. Now Dilana is getting a good edit, as a snippy comment she made to Lukas end up on the cutting room floor. She was wallowing again, saying her "Psycho Killer" was the worst performance of her life, & Lukas tried to comfort her by saying hey, don't let it get you down, we all make mistakes. To which she responded "Oh thank you for your kind words and understanding, even though I've been a snot to you" NO SHE DID NOT! She says "Yeah, like you with "Celebrity Skin"." Honestly. This woman has the mentality of an 11 year old.

Brief showing of the song writing workshop with Bilgy.
Storm was very professional.
Toby impressive.
Lukas less than prepared.
Dilana out of comfort zone. They also show Bilgy saying "If you're not bringing anything to us, what do we need you for?" as Dilana walks away. Dilana did NOT look happy at that one. Hehehe. Wait, was Magni even mentioned? Can't remember.

During song selection, they find out each of them are doing a set with one song from the list & one original. Dilana & Storm cheer when they hear original, & then you can actually see what that means sink into Dilana's brain & the "Oh Shit!" look comes across her face. Either that, or she's trying to think of which original song she's going to use.
Paul also gets a little screen time, with his comments regarding Dilana changing up her song, even though she claims she's never heard it. "To change up a song from a position of ignorance is a bad idea" he says, or something to that effect.

On to the performances!

Dilana "Behind Blue Eyes" ~ The Who
She's carried onto stage due to a ripped calf muscle during rehearsal. Does anyone know which leg? Cuz she's wiggling both. Oh, never mind, she's hopping around now so it's the right leg. Beautiful voice at the beginning. Maybe she's so riveting to watch because she gets great camera closeups? Must check out the other rawkers. How much do I lurve Jimmy? A lot! Nice air guitar ~ but I'll cut her some slack on that cuz she can't move much & it shows she's into the music. She mentions her "situation" yet again! Let it friggin' go! Oh, she's referring to living in a fishbowl. Here's my question: was the format of this show not properly explained to all participants or did some just not pay attention?
"Supersoul" ~ Dilana whatever-the-hell her last name is
Hops to the middle of the runway & rocks out. This was okay. Didn't mind it. Can you really do a high kick with a ripped calf muscle though? Must research this.
Dave - original was not my favorite
T.Lee - might have to box Dave, cuz he liked the original
Bilgy - very literal lyrics, need to use your imagination more
Jason - strong will & effort important in this biz

We find out the House Band will be opening for SP. I'd pay to see them, but I know they won't be coming near here so fugetaboutit.

Magni "Back in the U.S.S.R" ~ The Beatles
No one can accuse him of being the most dynamic performer up there. Oh, great guitar riff Raphael! I lurve him too. Magni does have a great voice though. And nice shoes. Seriously.
"When the Time Comes" ~ original
This was GOOD! Collective Soul meets Iron Maiden. I likey.
Dave - molten hot Magni, aggressive voice.
T.Lee - looked like the same performance to me, why were they so similar?
Magni - because they were both performed by me.
Bilgy - need to bring it up a little more
Not really sure what they were talking about, unless it's stage presence.

Storm "Suffragette City" ~ David Bowie
Dave joins her on guitar, saying he lurves this song.
Not her best vocally, but there's no denying she has fun up there - she's so confident! No probs with Dave up at the end of the runway.
"Ladylike" ~ Original
T.Lee was rockin' out during this and I know why. Cuz it rocked! This is such a good song, I can't wait to hear the original lyrics. Must find on
YouTube. Warning - not the best sound. Oh, & nice rack in that t-shirt, Miss Large.
Dave - blathers on about how he's played with a lot of great frontmen & it felt just like that. Also, his favourite original of both seasons. Now, I wouldn't go THAT far, but it was good.
And Storm just did a Buddha Bow, don't these people listen to me?
T.Lee - that track was Fuuuuuuhhhheeerrrrrrr or something similar to that sound.
Bilgy - great!

Lukas "Living on a Prayer" ~ Bon Jovi
He's got lead Goo hair! Stripped this way down, he's playing guitar. Ooooh, I like this; it's love songish/despair & angsty/Romeo & Juliette kinda vibe really spoke to me.

"Headspin" ~ Original
Got his white belt back from whoever had it last. Jason was singing along to this song. I liked this too, very angsty but not postal worker/stalker/killerish.
Dave - powerful emotional side you showed us
T.Lee - did you guys like that? (to crowd)
Bilgy - I am inspired when I watch you perform

Damn NTV! Damn channel was so busy playing some stupid Captain Canada commercial {Canada's great, look at our great land, we're looking to the future BLAAH!} that they cut off half of Toby's performance. And since I taped it & watched the next day, too late for me.

Toby "Mr. Brightside" ~ The Killers
didn't see. will accept comments
"Throw it Away" ~ Original
saw half of this. What I saw, I liked, it's very stadium anthem song. His supenders have slipped off his shoulders yet again, maybe they slope too much? While he was up near the couch, it looked like T.Lee tried to pinch his bum, but I think he was just trying to fix the dangling suspenders.
Dave - memorable
T.Lee - bad "bleeping" ass ~ and that's a direct quote, he censored himself
Bilgy - you put the fun in rock and roll
Jason - you embrace everyone, and bring us all in with your performance.

Bottom3: Dilana, Magni, Lukas
Sing with SuavePorn: Magni
Encore: Storm

The early Bottom3 didn't happen for me. Damn NTV!

Ranking at end of show
1. Toby
2. Lukas
3. Storm
4. Magni
5. Dilana

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