Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Dark Horse Rides Off Into The Sunset, Munching On Some Sour Grapes

If you'd like to see the actual final interview with Ryan,
  • go to the rockstar website,
  • click on "Watch Episodes"
  • click on "Week 9" at the bottom
  • move arrow to the right until you see "Week 9 Bottom3 Interviews" with Ryan's face
  • click & enjoy "A Bitter Pill"
Here is a transcript for the elim interview with Ryan Star:

“I’m disappointed I’m booted off because I feel like I’m the best performer among all of these people. And the best songwriter, and all that stuff, so, I saw myself fronting Supernova, I saw them being a better band for it. With me as their singer they could have had, you know, a 20-year career. Without me, they won’t have 20 years; they might have 2 years. So, I said I’m sorry for that, meaning, sorry for you. And what I wanted to say was that I’ll see you on the charts and I’ll be looking down at you (turns his head downward like looking down a list).

“When Gilby Clark said I’m a better performer now than when I got here…unlike Jason, he didn’t do his research, because he’s never seen me play live before this. And if he did, he would never say that, because wait until he comes to my first live show after this and he’s gonna say “Oh, I get it now…”

“What’s next for Ryan Star is, I’m gonna go back to New York City and pursue my solo career. I’m going to probably right away record a live album and get it out as soon as possible. And just gonna get out there and be bigger than Supernova could ever imagine being.”

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