Thursday, September 14, 2006

Elimination Episode 10

Dave congratulates BawkBawk on her pregnancy ~ old news to Suave Porn readers!
She's having a girl.

Quick 5 min recap & Q&A:
Dave asked what it felt like to play their originals in front of a world-wide audience.
Lukas - used to playing for empty beer bottles & ashtrays, felt priviledged to be sharing something so intimate in front of so many people
Toby - I'm a happy little camper. I'm being myself up there {at this point some fangirlies yelled something to him} thanks girls. In 10 years.

So it's time for another enthralling performance from Supernova & this time it's going to be "Magni-fied". Oh, Jason. That was so lame. "It's All Love"
Magni plays accoustic guitar with. It's mellow, and I liked it. I liked it a lot! Not what I expected, good mellow song, but not a power ballad. Fav SP song so far, unfortunately, that's not saying much.

Whoever gets the encore is going to win a Honda Element SE, tripped out in true Rockstar Style. Does that mean some ho's are living in the back with a bottle of JD & some coke? What does that mean, exactly?
Announcement: Dave & The Panic Channel will be joining the tour. I would pay to see them too! Still no concert dates anywhere near me, however. Will content myself to listening to the music.

Encore: Toby "Throw it Away"
Damn suspenders again. Maybe if he wore shoulder pads, they wouldn't slip down all the time. He dedicates the song to the Crocodile Hunter, who was killed today in a freak accident with a sting ray. Toby's got some guyliner on, probably borrowed from Lukas.

All 5 were in the Bottom3 at some point, but the winners are:

Storm ~ Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
This is different than anything else she's done. Very nice. Very good. She's crying, Jason is crying {is he over his lust for Zayra?} She dedicates that to her mother.

Dilana ~ I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick
Original punk rock song? Not so. Cheap Trick was pop-rock, top 40 but never punk. Anyway, I'm not going to box her about it, cuz she has crutches & those things can leave a nasty mark. So she sings a not-so-subtle message to SP, and bops around like she doesn't have an injury, although she makes certain to keep off her right foot, so who knows? Maybe she's just on some really gnarly drugs. Hey! Must go check the stash to make sure no-one has been thieving.

Lukas ~ Headspin
You know, he's no dummy. He knows the more he sings his song, the more it will stick in our brains. And since Toby has sung his twice already, Lukas figured this would be a good idea. And it was. He's got quite the bedazzled cross belt buckle. Do you think he has his own bedazzler? Did you know you can buy one {called GeMagic} from Regal for $24.95, including the crystals? I can hook you up, I've got connections. But, I digress. Magni, Toby & Storm are all singing along .

I haven't a clue! Don't know what's going to happen, who's going home, what they want, where do they get those fabulous clothes, NOTHING!

Bilgy recaps:
Storm - in the B3 multiple times (uh, I think this is her second time, not to be picky or anything)
Dilana - in the B3 again, but you've been the one to watch from the beginning.
Lukas - it's your 1st time, go sit down.

Tommy can't Hawk so he passes it on to Jason who says "You both gave incredible, fantastic performances. We love you both. Storm, you going home to sleep in your own bed tonight."

Dave tells her that he chose to play with her & only her cuz he wants to climb her like a tree.
Storm thanks fans, fans @ home, freaks over there {the rawkers} and says you will see me again.
Dilana does a Buddha Bow. And the show is over, and I must Scope cuz I've got a bad taste in my mouth.

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