Thursday, September 14, 2006

Performance Episode 11: Recaps & Reactions

Look at all the handmade signs in the audience! I thought I was watching WWE for a minute.

Fan favourite is intro'd by Dilana, cuz BawkBawk is pregnant & no one should expect her to work.

Ryan "Back of Your Car"
Oh NOW he thanx SP for the opportunity they gave him, and tells them he can't wait to hear their album. Do you think he's spent the last couple weeks reading all the stuff about him on the internet? Do you think he came here? {quickly sweeps & puts away trash, tidies hair} Hi Ryan! Welcome to SuavePorn. We didn't like you here. Go away, angry young man.
So this was pretty good, not super angsty/scary until the end. Oh, bad falsetto. Don't do that again. He's got a CD out called "Dark Horse". And he wins a Honda CRV for the fan fav vote. Someone on the Rockband Message Board is taking bets that "Back of your car" is going to be a commercial song for Honda CRV. I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

BawkBawk: Let's take a look at the amazing journey that got us here....
Montage of highs & lows, pitfalls & stumbles, on & off the stage.

Toby "Karma Police" ~ Radiohead
I think he borrowed gloves from Lukas, although they do look more like golfing gloves, so maybe he made his own. Not my favourite song, don't know it & it did nothing for me.
"Throw it Away" joined by Magni on guitar.
Crowd lurves this song as they all sing along. This is the most animated that Lukas has been over on the rawker pod during someone's performance. Magni shares the guitar after Toby writes "EVS" on the back of his head in jiffy.
Dave - great, great, oh.... & great
Bilgy - lost with the melody in the first song, but when you came into full voice it was great, great
Jason - loves his great energy

This season of Rockstar is brought to you by Verizon Wireless, Honda and
the word "Great". And Paula Abdul has snuck away from the shite to see what real music & talent sounds like.

Lukas "Fix You" ~ Coldplay
He almost trips over the mic stand, but recovers just in time. Can I hear him over the background vocals or is his voice just blending in that well? Dave holds up his phone during the song.
"Headspin" playing acoustic guitar
No mumbling, and he's doing his own echo. This was good.
Dave - great job. I questioned whether I could listen to you for 2 hours, but not only could I, I would buy a ticket to the show. But since he's going to be there, he won't have to actually put his money where his mouth is.
T.Lee - Wow. Cool as hell. Wait, what does he mean by that? Shake it off, Wilma. If you try to analyze what these people say, you'll end up in a nice white jacket.
Bilgy - great. fearless. We dig that you're willing to take a chance.

Dilana "Roxanne" ~ The Police
She's down to a cane now, so she's healing nicely. Starts out the song accappella - beautiful voice. Toby, Magni & Lukas come out singing backup.
Puffy Kracker calls out from computer room "That was okay!?!" He was surprised that he liked it.
This song is not angry, it's about freedom, & letting go of bad things. This is what she tells us so that we don't misunderstand her intentions. Now, I could be wrong HAHAHAHAHA! but isn't there a line in the song about killing someone? Yes,
here it is "So many times I wished you'd choke" and "I could've killed you in your sleep". Absolutely, that is about freedom & letting go. You bet.
You know, half of her skirt appears to be missing. How unfortunate for her. Ooops, she forgot herself for a moment and high kicked. T.Lee! Is she wearing any panties? She heads over to the couch area to sing in their faces, out into the crowd to sing to the masses in the cheap seats ~ & Paula ~ and then skipping down the stairs to head back to the stage. How long does it take to mend a "ripped calf muscle"? Anyone? Anyone? Must do research.
Dave - awesome, nice to see you back (or did he say your back?)
T.Lee - loved it all
Jason - should get matching outfits for the boys
Bilgy - can't wait til tomorrow to see how it all turns out. Did he miss a band meeting? Doesn't he know? The day before they pick & they don't know who they're going to have? I find that highly unlikely.

Magni "Hush" ~ Deep Purple
Magni plays guitar on this song & I loved it. Magni & Raphael singing & playing together ~ the guys belongs in THIS band. They are so awesome together. And I just noticed Sasha, the bass player. The guy exudes cool. {i just accidentally typed "fool" hahaha}
"When the Time Comes"
He really looks more comfortable on stage with a guitar in his hands. Without, he seems unsure of what to do, how to move.
Dave - killer job
T.Lee - good, but I don't remember the original. Boos from the audience. Now what they edited out here was T.Lee challenging the audience to sing it to him then if it was so memorable. And thus, the sound of crickets echoed back at him b/c in all truth, no one could remember it.
Jason - dig the original
Bilgy - great job, sang great, performed well

My standings are
1. Toby
2. Lukas
3. Dilana
4. Magni

Early Standings
1. Dilana
2. Toby
3. Lukas
4. Magni

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