Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Performance Episode 4: Recaps & Reactions

We start off the show with intros of Suave Porn & Dave {Brooke tells Dave she's glad it's him sitting up there with SP & not her ~ catty!} and then we see some reality episode highlights. Suave Porn shows up at the gilded cage, does some shots with the rawkers & plays some of their new music for the auditionees. The tunes aren't bad ~ not at all what I expected ~ but we'll see what they are like with some vocal tracks added.

Gilby is wearing a white t-shirt and leather pants ~ yummy!
Jason got a haircut ~ looking good.
T.Lee has on a hat & is that eyeliner? I'm having "A Clockwork Orange" flashbacks!

Lukas is up first with "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. I noticed that T.Lee {now, let's remember that he is a 'world-renowed drummer' and I use the term loosely} is clapping out of time to the beat. I can actually hear Lukas over the instruments today and he's sounding pretty good, & playing guitar as well. Jason is still most concerned about his voice.
Zayra does "Call Me" by Blondie. She is wearing a blue lycra/Sgt.Pepper/cutout catsuit/white GoGo boot outfit. What planet does this woman do her shopping on? She's actually really good ~ yes, that is surprise from me ~ but I noticed she is out of breath at the end of the song. Not good. Dave tells her to get started on her solo career OUCH! Gilby says she lost him again, and T.Lee only comments on her outfit. BawkBawk tells her she looks good, although coming from the Celtic cheerleader, I wouldn't be too impressed with the praise.
Dana performs a Nirvana song I've never heard "About a Girl". Also plays guitar. We got to hear a different side of her voice in this song, and it's good. SP also compliment her, Dave tells her she's finally getting dirty and Dana replies "I chugged a beer before I went on". She's feisty, this one.
Patrice sings "The Remedy" by The Black Crowes. I'm thinking Sheryl Crow meets Suzie McNeil. Each week I am less in love with her, and I'm sorry but the fur vest was not a good choice. For anyone. Take note, boys & girls. Patrice tries to get a little feisty with Dave & it backfires. He comments that he's seeing that same thing from her each week & it's a little boring. She asks him if he always does different things on stage when he's performing. He replies "Yes, I do. But let's remember that I have a job, and you're auditioning for a job". Check and mate!
Toby performs "White Wedding" Billy Idol. Still not getting the Toby attraction. I think he stole some of those moves from Loverboy's Mike Reno, and was that a gun-finger I saw? Maybe he's too pretty, I don't know, but I don't get it.
Magni selected "Hereos" David Bowie. No sunglasses ~ finally! And he is also playing guitar. The beginning is very subdued, and I can't enjoy the egotistical "everybody wants me, I'm so fabulous" smirk. The performance is OK, I think I've got perceived personality issues with Magni. The boys have no issues with his vocals, just the performance.
Ryan "I Alone" by Live. What? What was that? An actual, sincere smile! Well done, scowly brooding boy. I noticed Zayra yapping to Dilana during the beginning of the performance. Dilana is later seen on her feet dancing away. Can I take a moment to inquire why these boys are wearing trucker chains? Why does anyone wear a trucker chain? I don't think truckers even wear them anymore. Please get rid of this horrid addition to your wardrobe pronto! Ryan goes a little apeshit, jumps off the drum stand and bounces around the stage. Tongue bath from Suave Porn.
Gilby then joins Jill onstage for "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones. Her skirt is so short, I'm pretty sure I could complete her OB-GYN report right now without difficulty. Grind, grind, grind away on Gilby. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd take advantage of the proximity too but a little, teeny, tiny bit too much, wouldn't you say? Well, Gilby thought so and said so, calling the move "Predicatable, cheap & weak." What we aren't shown are his comments about her hitting him with the mic stand. In his playing hand. Not good. Read about it here halfway down the page.
Phil "One Headlight" The Wallflowers. Did he purchase that shirt in the tween girl section of WalMart? Inquiring minds want to know. He tried to rock it, bless his heart, but I don't think that's really possible with this song. Plus, I've seen more rock at Conrad & Bronco Bill's square dancing club. The Rawkers on the pad are not animated, Lukas doesn't even raise off his reclining position on his elbow to clap. Slap!
Dilana does an acoustic version of "Time After Time" Cyndi Lauper. She is a consumate professional, engaging the audience. Once again is GOOD! Dave calls her Sweet Dilana {please, don't start that crap again Petite Prince of Darkness!} Jason actually calls for more applause from the audience "Let's hear it!"
Josh "No Rain" Blind Melon. Someone please, for the love of all things holy, slap the permagrin off this man's face before I waste all my AirMiles flying down to LA to do it! At least tell him his dog died or something. Chah, I don't get this guy at all.
Storm "Anything, Anything" Dramarama. New song for me, and she kills it! She rocks it, she brings it, she ... well, she does really well. And a full-on crowd dive. WooHoo! Now we're talking. Jason calls her performance turbocharged, and T.Lee compliments her on her diving form.

Dana, Toby, Ryan & Storm were all told that this was the best performance Suave Porn had seen from them yet. Methinks they need some help with the dialogue ~ just a thought?

Encore ~ Storm
Bottom three ~ Patrice, Phil & Josh.

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flibirdijibit said...

I know, Storm amde me love that song and I didn't even know it! She trooly was the showman of the night. It's too bad about Jill, 'cuz I think that any of the girls, besides Dilana, would have tried that humpy stuff with Gilby and it was just her dumb luck that she was the one they had to tune in about not doing that, there is no excuse for thumping him with the mic though.... no excuse. She needs to go. Right now she's my least favorite as far as attitude goes. AS far as singing and stage presence I really hate Josh. Then Zayra, and you just can't SELL Dana to me! You can't just come on the show bein' one thing and change into a whole other thing. The other competitors need to stop giving her pointers, she has to figure it out herself. As the song says 'come as you are'.

Those are my comments.