Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elimination Episode 2

How did people ever decide who to vote for? I'm not sure what criteria they are basing it on, but it certainly wasn't on the performances.

Toby gets the encore and doesn't do as well as before. The chickies still dig it, though. I guess there's no accounting for taste.

The Bottom Three are painfully, slowly announced.
Jill, Zayra & Chris. Again, only one right. This is starting to remind me of the Oscar Night competition.

Jill performs "Bring Me To Life" and NAILS it! She did awesome! And Zayra was just steaming the whole time cuz she killed that song {and not in a good way} and I suspect Jill picked it partially to show how horrible Zayra was, and partially because she knew she'd do well.
Zayra performs "You Really Got Me" again. Because she wants to show them what she's about. We know what she's about. Ruining really good songs. I think this was the absolutely laziest thing I've ever seen on TV ~ other than some footage of me passed out on a couch after a night of martinis ~ she sang the same freakin' song! Brutal. Just brutal.
Chris performs "If You Could Only See". Who knew this guy could actually sing? This was good! Much better than Phil. Colour me impressed. No doubt in my mind that this guy should live to see another day.

Well, colour me surprised when Chris is sent home! I think the catsuit saved Zayra's ass ~ literally.

I don't know what to think anymore. I need a beer.

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