Sunday, August 05, 2007

No News Is.. Well, No News

I'm afraid that the time has come to admit that the Bad Boys of Rawk, The Suave Porn, have lived out their final days as newsmakers & as a band, cuz let's face it, I think we've seen the last of this "supergroup".

After all the disastrous reviews {not counting the ones by fan-girlies, the tone deaf, & the literal deaf ~ oh, that's harsh! I did like a couple of their songs} they've done gone split up! At least, this is the only conclusion that I can reach, since a news search on Google doesn't come up with ANYTHING other than what the other contestants of the TV show are doing, & no one has seen hide nor hair of anyone {except T. Lee, but that's to be expected, more hide than hair usually!}.

According to Wikipedia, they are still a group & the rumour that Bilgy quit was just that, a rumour. Well, I want proof they're still together. Let's see 2 or more of them actually in the same room at the same time. Let's see them perform somewhere ~ WITH Jason ~ somewhere...anywhere, sometime soon.

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. You shouldn't either, for any new postings.

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