Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Begun

(found on Sympatico's Dramarama page, written by Ryan Porter)

"Rock Star Eliminates Girlfriend

Rockstar winner Lukas Rossi, whose name only means anything to me because Entertainment Tonight Canada has run about 100 successive days of coverage on him, finally has a foot in the door. His girlfriend, however, will have to wait on the sidewalk.

The website TMZ posted video yesterday that was filmed outside Lukas's victory party. While Lukas is cheered as he enters the party with Tommy Lee, a woman named Francesca, claiming to be Lukas's girlfriend, is turned away. At one point, in between congratulations from hangers-on, Lukas takes Francesca, who eTalk Daily reported he has been dating for seven years, aside, though TMZ captions him saying, "What girlfriend?" in the video.

Francesca says she was banned from the party because some shadowy Rockstar people didn't want Lukas to be seen with a girl. That's a really sorry thing to do to your girlfriend. Matchmaker, can you please set this girl up with a decent guy?"

Puffy Kracker predicted there would be a backlash against Lukas as the second Canadian to win an Rockstar. I don't know know if this is the case, or if it's just a media frenzy for the first 15 min of fame. Time will tell.

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