Friday, September 15, 2006

Finale Episode

Finale or finally? Your call.

Dave says it's been a helluva summer and he can't wait to see who he's gonna be touring with in January. Now call me stupid, but didn't they already say that the top 5 were going to singing with the House Band on the tour?

Magni, Toby & Lukas all hit the Bottom2 at some point during the voting.

And the Bottom2 are:

Magni ~ Fire by Jimmy Hendrix
Magni looks great all in black with his white suit jacket. He plays guitar. There is a crazy light show in the background with flames & everything! They finally sprang for a decent light tech. This again was awesome. Jason gives him a standing O.

Toby ~ White Wedding by Billy Idol
He's dressed like a militant priest. This is the most covered up I've seen him. This was also awesome. Dilana was trying to sing along but it's fairly obvious she doesn't know the words. His damn suspenders are dangling again. Does a singalong with the audience & jumps into the crowd only at the end, which is different for him.

Both were great {there's that word again} how can they choose? I think Magni is gone.

Bilgy - Magni, it's been a great ride but you're the next to go. You didn't look so much like a leader of the band, but a part of the band.
Isn't that the point? Or do they want someone to swoop in & takeover? I don't understand. My head is hurting already.
Dave - you were the most consistent singer.
Magni - thanks everyone.

A montage of singing & confessional clips of each of the Final3 are shown, & then they are asked to state their case.
Lukas - 2nd or 3rd is not an option. I came here to be 1st.
"I think you guys are amazing. It would be my honour to lead you on a world tour."
Dilana - anything you want you have to fight for. I need them & they need me.
"I am 1000% dedicated to representing great guys & great music. Lukas is incredible, Toby is amazing, but I'm the one."
Toby - keeping my eyes on the prize.
"I'm ready. I'll bring the energy higher than I ever did here. Wait till you see me perform after downing a few beers. Besides, I'm the tallest."

Am I reading something into the fact that the Survivor commercial that just aired featured "Headspin" performed by Lukas? Can anyone say "foreshadowing"?

And they all perform again!

Lukas "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve from week 4
Dilana "Zombie" by The Cranberries from week 3
Toby "Somebody Told My" by The Killers from week 2

No commentary because everyone was good, a little nervous but good.

Jason - Toby, you've got the best vocal range, it cuts thru no matter how loud the guitars are. You are the next to go home.
Boos! Boos! And more Boos! Toby tries to get his fan girlies to shut up.
Dave - wish you all the best
Toby - I had the best time ever doing this. To come in 3rd to these two is no shame. It took me a while to get great, but these guys already were. You've taught me so much. Thank you.

Toby leaves, and BawkBawk joins Lukas & Dilana on stage. Dave says "Looks like you're going to perform a goth wedding." Well, they are holding hands.

Bilgy calls for a commercial break. Do you really think they needed more time to decide, or did they just notice they were done really early? Must research this.

At this point, I phoned Velvis to put forth the theory that SP may pick them both. But I don't know!

Lukas - your look, energy and vocals are amazing
Dilana - you're enchanting, and your voice is amazing.
We've got to listen to our fans, and we've picked the person with the highest number of votes. Lukas, you're our boy. Welcome.

The finale episode is brought to you by Verizon Wireless, MySpace, Honda and the word amazing.

Dave, Bilgy & everyone else blather on about how amazing they think Dilana is, and can they please, please play in her sandbox? Like she friggin' cares now. But, whatever.

And the complete band go up on stage to perform "Be Yourself" and other amazing songs by this amazing band that cannot be named. When they got up, I hit myself on the forehead & said "Of course, they were going to choose Lukas all along." You know how I knew? Do ya? Bilgy was wearing a white belt. Oh yeah, that's right. A clothing homage to Lukas.

If there is a show next year, you can be damn certain that every hopeful contestant is going to claim to be a homeless Canadian. I'm just saying.

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