Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Elimination Episode 3

New Sensation is still the theme song? WTF? Has this always been? And why am I just noticing it now?

So BawkBawk is dressed like a Celtic cheerleader - nice skirt!

They showed some footage from the Performance Episode, and the aftermath at the gilded cage. Dana is confused ~ is my makeup wrong? I did the arm pump and I'm stomping around. What more do they want? Uh, just a guess, but less Celine Dion and more Rockstar could be the way to go. 15 minutes of discussion, questions for the rawkers and recaps. Blaaah! Bring on the show!

Magni gets the encore. Does a nice job.

Bottom 3: Jenny, Dana & Josh. Two out of 3, my super-genius powers are coming back to me. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
A little aside - what did Zayra say when she was called up for being in the bottom 3 during the voting? She looked pissed!

Jenny does "Vaseline" by STP. Her voice is just not suited to the hard stuff. She has great stage presence during this number, but can't wail. And why does Jason always look like he just smelled a fart? Nice golf clap Josh. Way to be supportive.
Dana performs "High Road Easy" by Sass Jordan. She intros it as an underground song. Now is it the Canadian in me that wants to slap her face? I wouldn't call it underground, but maybe I'm being overly sensitive. I actually got goosebumps during this performance, but the air conditioner was set high so I don't want to get on the Dana Bandwagon just yet.
Josh does "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana. Seriously, how many times will we have to hear this song? I have nothing against the song, but come on! Use a little originality people! Can't get into his voice for the life of me, not the singing out of the side of his mouth, nor the lack of stage presence, nor the smiley smiley smiley.

My thoughts... Jenny is gone.

Now it's the stupid BK Stacker commercial. Query ~ is that really Hervé Villechaize, or just someone who looks like him? Edit: not him, he passed away in 1993.

The Hatchet Man, T.Lee, again tells us how much this sucks and finally gets to it. "Jenny, you gotta go." How suave. How debonair. Way to soften the blow.

I agree with their decision, and wish Jenny all the best at her neighbourhood Vancouver coffee house.

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