Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elimination Episode 1

Bottom Three:Chris, Phil & Matt. {So I only got 1 right, so what? I'm still ultra-smrt}

Dilana gets the encore. Whatever.
Chris sings "LA Woman" by The Doors. His stage presence is SOOOOO bad.
Phil sings "Stars" by Switchfoot. Having never heard the original, I can't compare but I do think that his absence of a chin is causing the mumbling.
Matt sings "Planet Earth" by Duran Duran, but tells Supernova he's going to "rock it up". And how is he going to accomplish this? By changing the key to D. I really think the poor lad was simply confused. He thought he was auditioning for the job as back-up singer for Nick Lachey, and stumbled into the wrong room by accident.

On the plus side, producer Mark Burnett has found his winning formula for this show ~ the Canadian guy acts like a shit-ass, says something stupid and pisses everyone off.

I query ~ "Will Lukas be allowed to redeem himself and prove that he's really a nice guy under all that hair gel and makeup?" "How much ADD medication should T.Lee be on?" "Who will Gilby say sucks next time?" Tune in next week to find the answer these and other startling questions on another exciting episode of Rockstar:Supernova.

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